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May 31, 2017, 12:02



Elk Creek Carcassone Phase 2 Scheduled to start

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Water Service Available

Letcher County Water & Sewer District is one of the fastest growing water district's in the State of Kentucky.

We currently already have water service available in several area's through out the county. Your residents or business may already be in an area serviced by our district.

Call (606) 633-8550 for more information and connect to clean safe drinking water today...

Employment Opportunities 

Applications may be picked up at the offices of 

Letcher County Water & Sewer District

6 Broadway Street, Suite B

Whitesburg, KY 41858





About Us


Board Members

  • Bernard Watts (Chairman)
  • Richard Carter
  • Dianne Adams
  • Billy Stamper (Treasurer)
  • Fred Webb (Secretary)


  • Mark Lewis (General manager)
  • Brian Blair (Accounts Clerk)
  • Ginger Sturgill (Billing Clerk)
  • Karrie Campbell (Billing Clerk)
  • Josh Ferris (Distribution Supervisor)
  • Roger Back (Distribution O&M)
  • Jason Coots (Distribution O&M)

Our Mission

Through leadership in customer service, environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance, LCWSD provides high quality, reliable water and wastewater services at fair and reasonable rates to meet the current and future needs of our community.

We commit to the following values:
• Actively taking a role as one of the leaders in the community and the industry
• Thoughtful, adaptive and effective planning for the future
• Recruiting, training, and retaining qualified employees
• Ongoing, honest, open communication with our customers
• Stewardship of the region's natural resources and the environment
• Equitable distribution of operations maintenance costs among all system users
• Operating the systems in an efficient and financially responsible manner
• Equitable distribution of system expansion costs among new properties   annexing into the District

We believe:
• As a public service organization, we must maintain public trust
• We conduct all of our business responsively with integrity and   professionalism
• We preserve and represent our customers' interest in local and regional   decision-making

We believe that customers have the right to:
• Excellent service at reasonable rates
• Potable drinking water
• Safe, reliable wastewater services
• Effective, reliable service We believe that employees have the right to:
• Fair compensation, benefits
• Appropriate tools and resources
• Opportunities for professional growth
• Safe, professional and respectful work environment

Letcher County Water & Sewer District
6 Broadway Street Suite B
Whitesburg, Kentucky 41858
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